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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

Beer Compendium: The Complete Review Resource

Posted on August 21, 2012 at 9:55 AM

Here is a handy resource where all of my beer reviews can be found in one location with quick tasting blurbs to answer all-important beer questions once and for all.

To date – February 10, 2013 – I have drank and reviewed – 142 – different brews. Each beer is listed below alphabetized by brewery and clicking on the name will link you to the original batch of reviews that it came from.

If there is a beer on this list that you feel I should review, please let me know about it. Better yet, send it to me. I guarantee to drink and review any beer that you send. (Unless I’ve already reviewed it. Then I just guarantee to drink it.) Hit me up in the comments, via the Contact Me page, or on Twitter at @SciaccaTweets.

* - Standout beer, worth trying

** - Exceptional beer, represents something noteworthy

*** - World class, epic beer; seek out and buy at any cost

Abita Brewery, Jockamo IPA

“Had a good hoppy aroma, and initial flavor, but had a thin, disappointing finish.”

Abita Brewery, Turbodog

“Strong nose of coffee, chocolate and malt. Initial notes of *slight* bitterness, followed by caramels, malt and smoky chocolate flavors.”

Avery Brewing, Anniversary Edition: Nineteen *

"Smell is juicy sweet, with notes of pineapple and mango and that typical Belgian yeast banana-bubblegum scent. This is actually pretty close to the flavors I picture when I think of a Tripel style, with lots of juicy and fruity notes and sweetness."

Avery Brewing, duganA Double IPA *

"This beer isn't great enough to be a top 10 – certainly not a Maharaja -- but it is definitely worth seeking out and giving a try."

Avery Brewing, India Pale Ale *

“Deep, strong hoppy floral, pine aroma...a nice blossom of piney hops flavors that then gives way to a mellow bitter and wheat finish.”

Avery Brewing, New World Porter

“Following first taste, coffee notes take a back seat to smooth and subtle notes of hops and bitterness. The Avery is like an odd IPA, but odd in a good way.”

Avery Brewing, The Maharaja ***

"Smell is big and rich and sweet with pine and citrus fruit. I dare say the Maharajah is worthy of a top 5 spot, and should absolutely be on your must-drink short list."

Ballast Point Brewing Co, Big Eye India Pale Ale

"This is a nice, approachable IPA, not a giant hop bomb, but a good representation of the style with some hoppy sweetness, and then a nice lingering bitter finish that isn’t too overwhelming."

Bear Republic, Racer 5 IPA

“Notes of light pine. Had a fairly mild, restrained flavor. Not to say it is boring or unlikable, just subtle and not really standout.”

Bear Republic, Racer X Double IPA *

“Big, sweet, fresh clean pine aroma. Finish has mild bit of sweetness with a nice balance of lingering bitterness. It smells like pine but isn't like eating a pine cone; really quite smooth.”

Bell’s Brewery, Hopslam ***

"I honestly can’t think of one negative thing to say about this beer. It lives up to its name; it’s a true Hopslam of delicious flavors, and is worth seeking out by any true hophead. Hopslam could be one of the best IPAs you drink."

Bell’s Brewery, Kalamazoo Stout

“Flavor is full and rich, and the roasted coffee flavor is nice and balanced. Nice smooth finish, with toasty malt and dark, black coffee flavors.”

Bell’s Brewery, Two Hearted Ale *

“The highpoint here is definitely the smell, and that first drink where you seem to get the best the aroma has to give.”

Bottleworks, 13th Anniversary Ale

“Overall the flavor is kind of a cacophony of discordant notes that doesn't in any way result in a masterpiece. Like a blaring, mind-numbing symphony of chainsaw, vuvuzela, peacock scream, air raid siren and rape whistle.”

Boulder Beer Company, Hazed & Infused Dry Hopped Ale

“Produces a surprising bit of smoky, malt flavors and none of the great pinecone suck I was hoping for. The hops start appearing at the finish, but their flavor is sadly pretty slight.”

Boulder Beer Company, Mojo India Pale Ale

“There is an aftertaste of *something* that I'm not in love with. Metal? Tin can? Residual mojo? Something.”

Boulder Beer Company, Mojo Risin’ Double IPA

“Nose is full of sweet, citrusy hops and thick, heady malt. There is a real thickness to this beer. There's also definite huge hop notes, with flavors of lemon and grapefruit, but also a ton of alcohol sweetness.”

Butte Creek, Organic IPA

“Notes of malt and caramel and honey. Taste is kind of flat in the middle of the mouth and then kind of a dull thud of bitter and sour at the end.”

Charleston Brewing Company, East Bay IPA

“Nice rich golden color and good head in the glass, but a little laid back and underhopped for what I was looking for.”

Chimay, Grande Reserve Ale *

"The flavor at its best is a rich, grassy, burnt caramel-apple malt, figgy/raisin jammy spicy sweet flavor that is incredibly satisfying and leaves you wanting for more. I’ve no doubt that it would improve with time."

Coronado Brewing Company, Idiot IPA *

“Nose is rich with big juicy hop notes; sweet with orange juice and grapefruit citrus. First sip and boom! This lands like a bitter bomb right on the tongue, surrounding it and coating your mouth with rich, juicy hop citrus.”


Coronado Brewing Company, Islander IPA *

“Wonderful piney-hop aroma. Initial and immediate notes of bitterness that ride from front to back of your mouth and linger throughout the swallow, finally giving way to reveal a nice hoppy finish.”

Deschute Brewery, Chasin’ Freshies Fresh Hop I.P.A.

"Ultimately, this beer has too unusual a flavor for me to recommend; hints of pineapple and papaya and traces of wheat in the sweetish bitter finish. I finished it...but don't mourn the passing of this bottle."

Dogfish Head, 90 Minute Imperial IPA *

“This smells like the fresh ingredients you smell at a brewery in those little glasses where they show you the different ingredients that go into their beer. The flavor is intense and good, but not really typical IPA.”

Dogfish Head, 120 Minute Imperial IPA

“Tingling carbonation all over the mouth and thick, almost syrupy texture. Feels like a whiskey in the mouth, with the same kind of edge/fire…with an almost whiskey or scotch-like finish/edge, but without the woody/oaky notes.”

Drakes, Hopocalypse Double IPA ***

“Carbonation engages your entire tongue in dazzling tingles, and then it is an onslaught of pine and hops and milder citrus notes followed by a slow, steady powerful rush of bitter.”

Dundee Ales & Lagers, IPA

“First impression: this is a pretty shy IPA. Flavors are too subtle, and the beer has more wheat than hops.”

Dundee Ales & Lagers, Pale Bock Lager *

“There is a whisper of honey…but the finish has a nice bit of malt and has a nice lingering follow that I’m really enjoying. I think that Maibock is my second favorite style of beer, and this is a nice take on it.”

Dundee Ales & Lagers, Pilsner

“There's hints of wheaty flavors, but they are masked behind the metallic bitterness. This beer has a thin, water and barley flavor with a Terminator 2 metal finish that is not really pleasant.”

Dundee Ales & Lagers, Stout

“The hints of chocolate are there, but not nearly as pronounced and wonderful as I was hoping from the nose. There are also whispers of coffee. This beer is dark in color but light in taste and flavor.”

Flying Dog, Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale

“It is definitely darker in color and has a less malty flavor, but a really terrific hoppy aroma with a stronger flavor profile than the Sierra.”

Flying Dog, Dogtoberfest Marzen *

“Deep, coppery-mahogany color and nice head with a rich malty flavor. The kind of brew that makes you long to find this on draft. “

Flying Dog, Double Dog Double Pale Ale

“Thick frothy head, medium golden-brown color and an intense hoppy, Christmas-tree aroma.  You can really taste – and feel – the 11.5% alcohol content which makes this one a tad too sweet for my liking.”

Flying Dog, Snake Dog IPA *

“This beer is really approaching the bullseye IPA taste I’m looking for and is highly recommended.”

Flying Dog, Tire Bite Golden Ale

“Nice refreshing taste that has a lot more malt especially compared with the beers that proceeded it.  This is the kind of brew that you could pop on a hot day and just sit back and drink. And drink.”

Flying Dog, Woody Creek White, Belgian Style Wit Beer

“If you’re the type that likes a beer garnish, this would go well with a slice of orange, and would be the logical flavor evolution for those who enjoy brews like Shock Top.”

Foothills Brewing , Cottonwood Endo IPA

As it opens the hop finish becomes more apparent; a little more bitterness on the finish, but still this is not an overpowering beer and doesn’t have a lot of mid-note flavor.”


Foothills Brewery, Hoppyum *

“The fresh pine sweetness is more noticeable and more pleasing when the beer if first poured in the glass and cold. This is a borderline great IPA.”

Founders Brewing, Backwoods Bastard **

"It's really like the beer leached out the very best notes of the bourbon barrels and left all the bad elements behind. It's smooth, it's creamy, it's woody and toasty and vanilla-ey."

Founders Brewing, Centennial IPA *

“Each sip delivers the same zippy, hoppy, bitter dynamic, and this is a really enjoyable IPA. I think the Pyramid Outburst might be a touch 'sweeter' with a bit more pine resin flavor, but this IPA earns a definite rec.”

Founders Brewery, Devil Dancer Triple IPA *

"This is almost like training wheels for the DFH 120, with similar flavors but is much more approachable and easier drinking. Considering the 12% ABV, it is surprisingly well balanced."

Founders Brewing, Red's Rye P.A. Ale

“The beer has a pretty even balance of flavors, with rye and citrus being the prominent players. The rye flavors are clearly present.”

Full Sail Brewing, IPA

“Distant piney hints in the aroma with undertones of malt. Initial pop of carbonation on mid-tongue, with a bit of classic IPA metallic bitterness and following with residual lingering bitterness and wheat notes.”

Grand Teton Brewing, Lost Continent Double IPA *

"Smell is rich with pungent, fresh citrus hops. Beer has wonderful sweetness that is the hallmark of my favorite IPAs and a great, balanced flavor."

Grand Teton Brewery, Sweetgrass American Pale Ale

“Sweet notes with hints of honey and grapefruit citrus. Light, crisp taste with hop notes that are present but not intense.”

Great Divide Brewing, Beglica Belgian-style IPA

“Smells of coriander and spice and sweet banana. Initial zing on the sides of the tongue from the carbonation, followed by sweet, spicy flavors with a bit of grapefruit twang.”

Great Divide Brewing, Hercules Double IPA

"The beer has definite sweetness from the high alcohol, and strong malt flavors as well, but it’s missing a dimension for me...not leaving much of an impression."


Green Flash Brewing, Imperial IPA (aka the Yellow label) *

“As the head dissipates near the bottom of the glass, the wonderful pines start really opening up, and the bitter mellows a bit further. This actually changes the flavor a good bit, making it lean towards the sweeter side.”

Green Flash Brewery, West Coast IPA (aka the Purple Label)

“Finish of malt and caramel and bitter-bitter hops that just lingers and lingers. Notes of grapefruit, but not so much like grapefruit FRUIT but more like you are eating the rind; the bitter, bitter rind.”

Harpoon Brewery, I.P.A.

“This was close in color to the Dogtoberfest but smelled a bit skunky like BO and tasted far more like a Pilsner; and I don’t mean either of those statements in a positive way. “

Heretic Brewing, Evil Cousin *

“Flavor is rich, with lots of subtle notes, and a quick pierce of bitter that dissolves like the big head into a smooth lengthy finish. The smell is wonderful and delicious.”

Knee Deep Brewing, Hoptologist DIPA *

"I'm immediately struck by how much the Hoptologist's smell reminds me of Pliny the Elder. It's fresh, it's full of sweet, piney citrus, and the nose is rich with everything that you want a big IPA to be."

Knee Deep Brewing, Hop Shortage

"The nose has an odd, uh, nose to it. Almost chemically or something. Like sweet chemicals. There is a nice initial tingling and engagement on the tongue, but then all of that weird, bitter, metallic BO flavor."

Knee Deep Brewing, Simtra Triple IPA ***

"The smell is nothing short of giant. It's huge and fresh and piney and has that rich sweetness that is just indicative of a monster fresh IPA. First! There is a gobsmacking of pine and hops. I think this may very well be a top 10 beer and is highly recommended."


Lagunitas Brewing Co, Hop Stoopid **

“First thought...WOW! What an amazing aroma! Huge sweet, fresh pine. It's winter in Switzerland and the country is clean and beautiful.”

Lagunitas Brewing Co, IPA

“First swallow has a bit of bitter with lingering wheaty flavors. Lemon and wheat flavors continue to develop.”

Lagunitas Brewing Co, IPA Maximus

“Wonderful sweet pine aroma; sweet like a from a magic golden honey pine tree that grows in a special, magical hop-filled IPA forest. Luxurious creamy mouth feel, with light carbonation. Finish has notes of honey and sweetness, without much pine or hop notes or any real bitterness.”

Lagunitas Brewing Co, Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale **

“’Well balanced’ and ‘totally complete’ are my feelings on this beer. Overall, just a beautifully, well rounded beer; the nose, the mouth feel, the flavors, and the finish, all hitting on all the classic IPA notes.”

Laughing Dog Brewing, Alpha Dog Imperial IPA

"Unfortunately, the tastes that are coming through are not incredibly pleasing. A bitterness that is treading more towards sour, and a kind of a chemically, alcohol forward taste."

Left Hand Brewery, 400 Pound Monkey

“As the first taste lands on the tongue, there's a nice splash of pine, followed by a nice bit of carbonation. Finish is mildly bitter with a lingering note of wheat and more distant hops.”

Left Hand Brewery, Milk Stout *

“Nice smell of coffee, and, in fact, almost coffee WITH cream smell. Nice sweet flavors, and finish of bitter chocolate. Definitely can taste the milk, which seems to manifest itself in smoothness or creaminess.”

Left Hand Brewing, The Stranger

“Subtle notes of piney hops. Immediate mouth pucker of bitterness that is just a wallop. I can’t believe this is only 36 IBU! Maybe I’m mistaking bitter for some other puckering factor...?

Mad River Brewing Co., Steelhead Double India Pale Ale

“The initial splash of sweet dissipates on subsequent sips, leaving a bit of a hole in the flavor profile. I liked that initial flash of big, sweet juicy hop flavor, and with that missing, the rest of the flavors seem abated and weaker.”


Magic Hat, #9, Not Quite Pale Ale

“Nice nose of dried apricots, followed by a subtle taste of dried apricots.”

Magic Hat, Vinyl Lager Spring Seasonal *

“Nice notes of caramel, malt, and maybe just a hint of citrus. Nice carbonation tingle on the tip of your tongue, and good lingering malty finish.”

Maredsous, Abbaye Brune *

"Nose is sweet and chocolatey and reminds me of brownie batter. Nice tingle on the tongue [and] this beer is laid back and easy to drink.The finish is easy with just a touch of toasted malt, and bread and coffee notes."

Maredsous, Abbaye Triple

"Really nice lingering flavor with notes of bread and wheat that do a nice job of balancing out the sweetness. Imaging drinking a cold, liquid, glass of honey slathered wheat bread. But with a spike of alcohol in there."

Napa Smith Brewery, Hopageddon Imperial IPA **

“The beer bursts onto your tongue; there’s a ton of big juicy hop flavors and a nice splash of sweetness that really fills the mid-notes followed by a really lengthy bitter finish. If you can call a 9.2% ABV/144 IBU brew ‘incredibly well balanced,’ this is it for sure.”


New Belgium Brewing Co, Belgo Belgian Style India Pale Ale

“Initial pine notes, with strong undertones of banana and gummy fruit. Much sweeter on the nose than other IPAs.”

New Belgium Brewing Co, Dig Pale Ale

“Nice hoppy notes with clear scents of citrus poking about. Has a light, clean flavor with hints of lemon and grapefruit.”

New Belgium Brewing Co, Red Hoptober Ale

"This beer really smoothes out after a bit of time in the glass, smooth to the point of being dangerously close to losing a lot of its flavor character."

New Belgium Brewing Co, Ranger India Pale Ale

“Not overwhelmingly hoppy, but enjoyable, all the way through to the last sip in the glass.”

New Holland Brewing, Imperial Hatter Imperial Pale Ale

“There’s just a *hint* of pine at the end, like that lingering whiff of car pine tree air freshener that buries into the fibers of your clothing. There is a nice initial engagement, and a nice finish, but kind of a weak dip in the middle where the best beers really shine.”


New Holland Brewing, Mad Hatter IPA

“This thing tastes like a throat lozenge! Now, if you said it WAS medicine and I had to drink several servings, then I’d say this is the best damn tasting medicine ever. But since it is a beer with limited medicinal value, I’m not impressed.”

New Holland Brewing, The Poet

“The beer just tastes a bit flat and dead and I'm wondering if my pour exhausted the beer. There is just the briefest of initial tingle, then just flat, brown water taste with a bitter, coffee finish. It's like I poured a cup of Folgers over ice.”

North Coast Brewing, Old No. 38 Stout *

“Subtle coffee note followed by thick sweetness of bitter chocolate; like a light dusting of baker’s chocolate on a dessert. Texture is smooth and almost creamy and the sweetness is a really pleasant finish.”

Ommegang Brewery, Hennepin bottle-conditioned farmhouse Saison ale *

“Notes of sweet grass and fields of golden hay, with subtle, sweet notes of ripe banana and clove spice. Thick, luxurious mouth feel that was like you coated your mouth with creamy velour.”

Pike Brewing, Doubble Troubble IPA *

"The beer really has a nice flavor arc, with a good initial splash in the mouth, nice hoppy bitterness, then a flash of sweetness and a long, lingering finish."

Pyramid Brewery, Outburst Imperial IPA **

“Very piney hoppy nose. Just a gobsmacking of pine and hop. This beer has an aftertaste that goes on and on. For a beer that is under $10/6-pack, this is really a terrific IPA.”

Rock Cairn Brewing,Toasty, Coconut Vanilla Stout (Homebrew)

"Sweet, vanilla-chocolate nose that smells wonderfully inviting. There's also roasted coffee notes. I feel like I'm getting notes of coconut milk too but that might just be the power of suggestion."

Red Hook, Long Hammer IPA

“The flavor matches the look; this beer is just light on flavor and taste. A hint of fresh grass, maybe a touch of lemon...much more a short, baby hammer.”

RJ Rockers, Black Perle Black IPA *

"There is smoke and burnt and bitter and coffee and chocolate and cream. It’s really a wonderful combination of tastes and has a nice mouthfeel."

Rogue Brewery, Dead Guy Ale

“Carbonation lands mid-tongue, and has taste of the sweet honey I notice on the nose, along with nice malt and wheat lingering aftertaste. It has a taste that reminds me of a Bit-o-Honey candy bar; kind of that wheaty, malty, honey flavor.”

Rogue Brewery, Mocha Porter

“It’s like coffee that has been over-roasted, then poured over ice. As the beer opens up a bit in the glass, the sourness mostly vanished, but a lot of the flavor went along with it.”

Russian River Brewing, Blind Pig IPA **

“There’s a lingering taste of hops and just the slightest touch of wheat at the end. This is a beer that actually tastes as good as it smells. It has flavors of pine and sweetness and hops and bitterness but it is all there just right in balance.”

Russian River Brewing, Pliny the Elder ***

“Imagine the happiest day of your life. You graduated college -- with honors -- you got married to your longtime love, you had a beautiful set of twins -- a boy and a girl -- you went to Disneyland, you stumbled into your best friend AND got a giant promotion. Now pour all that into a glass. And that is Pliny!”

Sam Adams, Dark Depths Baltic IPA

“Initial sweetness on the tongue, followed by roasted coffee malt flavors, and a little bitter at the finish. Taste is very reminiscent of a weak porter, except that it finishes with a twinkling of IPA citrus tinged bitter.”

Sam Adams, Fat Jack

"First taste and wow! This is a really intense, “POW!” punch in the mouth with a fist-full of spice. This tastes like a dessert beer that would probably be a delicious accompaniment to a slice of pumpkin – or even apple – pie."

Sam Adams, Grumpy Monk Belgian IPA *

“A few sips in and I'm getting some of that classic Tripel bubble gum, juicy fruit flavor, but more bitterness and some wheat notes on the finish. With the sweet-spiced notes, and mild bitterness, this beer is pretty refreshing.”

Sam Adams, Harvest Pumpkin Ale

"The flavors are enjoyable without being overwhelming or too sweet and the pumpkin spice adds just enough flavor to be interesting without being obnoxious."

Sam Adams, Latitude 48 IPA

“Sadly, none of the sweet pine flavors present on the nose make it to the palate. Instead, the flavor is more like biting into the bitter rind. Of a bitter fruit. From a bitter tree.”

Sam Adams, Tasman Red Red IPA

“Very thick caramel and malt flavors, with a little bit of toast at the finish. There is a hint of bitter following, but the front notes of malt and caramel really carry the day.”

Sam Adams, Third Voyage Double IPA *

“It's rich in the mouth with flavors that are initially reminiscent of Hoppyum, but with a finish that is more copper and caramel malt. The initial flavors are good and pleasingly classic Double IPA.”

Sam Adams, White Water IPA

“There is some grapefruit bitter at the end along with some coriander spice and wheat notes, making this far more like a White Ale than any IPA. Sweet mid-notes of apricot add some interesting aspects to the flavor.”

Sea Dog, Wild Blueberry *

“They really nailed this! It has just a wonderful trace flavor of blueberries without smashing you in the face with it and then ends with a nice clean, wheat finish.”

Shipyard Brewing, XXXX IPA (Pugsley’s Signature Series)

"There is no denying that this is a big, full-flavored beer, and if the flavors you like are honey and malt and sweet, then it will likely be a beer that appeals to you. Unfortunately for me the malty, honey sweetness is the XXXX’s biggest shortcoming."

Shock Top, Wheat I.P.A.

“Notes of wheat and coriander spice and orange. There are different nods of orange and spice, but this is a macro attempt at a mass-market IPA for people that don’t really want to drink IPAs; boring and unexceptional.”

Sierra Nevada, Audition Double IPA *

 "The floral, pine notes become more pronounced, and the grapefruit rind takes a backseat. This beer is pretty well balanced, but just doesn’t stand up to the full-awesome which is the Hoptimum."


Sierra Nevada, Beer Camp #43 Imperial Pilsner

"This beer is just…weak. Like, it has almost no flavor or life. There’s a little splash of carbonation, then the beer just vanishes like Keyser Soze.There’s no wheat, malt or hop notes."


Sierra Nevada, Beer Camp #45 Oatmeal Stout

"Smell is like iced coffee with cream. Beer is creamy and velvety in the mouth, with little carbonation and a nice, smooth easy finish that’s rich and full of roasted malt and dark coffee flavors.There's no coffee ground bitterness, just a smooth, boutique coffee espresso shot."


Sierra Nevada, Beer Camp #53 Floral IPA

"Nice engagement of carbonation on the mid tongue and roof of the mouth, and then a lengthy finish of the same dank taste that I smelled. The beer is missing a bit sweetness in the middle that makes the good IPAs truly great."


Sierra Nevada, Beer Camp #65 Imperial Red Ale

"I’m not getting any of the typical IPA hop notes, and the finish – while having some tell-tale bitter – is far more resolved malt and caramel at the end."

Sierra Nevada, Estate Homegrown Organic

"Has a nice, silky, creamy, velvet mouth feel. But like the previous organics I've had, it's just not really big on flavor. It's really smooth, and there's a softness to it, and a definite ease of drinking, but the flavors are all muted and dialed back."


Sierra Nevada, Hoptimum Whole Cone Imperial IPA***

"This beer is GREAT. Rich initial blast of pine and well-balanced sweetness followed by a nice wash of lingering bitter finish. This is hitting all the right Double IPA elements for me; it's rich with pine flavors, has a really nice bit of sweetness."

Sierra Nevada, Pale Ale

“Sierra delivers a consistently delicious hoppy flavor and good finish, which makes this beer like coming home to a familiar lover.”

Sierra Nevada, Porter

“Notes of dark coffee and roasted malt but not overwhelming. Nice carbonation on the tongue followed by iced coffee flavors that dissolve into toasty malt. Flavors are pretty mild and restrained overall, making this a pretty light porter.”

Sierra Nevada, Ruthless Rye IPA

“Has a nice pine aroma, though not overwhelming, and a bit of spice. Light on carbonation with taste of wheat and rye, with the slightest hint of pine [and] notes of wheat and rye bread.”

Sierra Nevada, Torpedo Extra IPA – Take 2

“Getting more odors of pine and whiffs of grass, but definitely not the pine bomb I was expecting.”

Smuttynose, Finestkind IPA

“Light orange/coriander hints on the nose. Slight taste of grapefruit and accompanying grapefruit bitterness. Bitter, but not in that hoppy, pine-coney bitter way that I prefer of my IPAs.”

Southern Tier Brewing, 2XIPA Double IPA

“Wonderful, fresh, winter wonderland of pine hop floral aroma. Nice initial zing on the back of the tongue, that dissolves into bitter, hoppy flavors and then a smooth finish of malt.”

Southern Tier Brewing, Unearthly IPA

"The sweet orange citrus forward hops are the big note in this IPA which isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you like beers that tend towards the sweet side, this is one with trying."

Speakeasy, Big Daddy IPA

“I keep returning to the smell which is fresh, piney and wonderful. Unfortunately, the flavors don't deliver the same taste bounty.”

Stone Brewery, Arrogant Bastard Ale *

"The balance is great on this, with nice flavors that come in a really great arc – initial mouth engagement, mouth feel and flavors on swallow, then lingering bitter finish -- throughout the drink."


Stone Brewery, Cali-Belgique IPA **

“There were nice initial hoppy notes, with strong traces of pine, but not smashing youy in the face with it. There were also some subtle traces of citrus and hints of banana peel. This beer is smooth; like amazingly smooth.”

Stone Brewery, Double Bastard

"Flavor-wise, I prefer the Arrogant Bastard, but as a bigger, bolder choice, Double Bastard retains Stone's ability to deliver big taste, big flavors and big alcohol while remaining balanced in flavor."

Stone Brewing, IPA

"This has all the classic IPA flavors in spades, and you can taste that it is in the lineage of Stone’s Ruination, just more subdued. It’s a really great representation of the style and it’s well-balanced and easy drinking."


Stone Brewery, Leviathan IPA *

“Wonderful smell of pine in the glass. It’s like my nose stepped into a winter wonderland and is going for a frolic…fades to nice, delicate balance and pleasing bitterness with slight coffee notes and a little caramel.”

Stone Brewery, Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale

“Notes of barley, malt and woody hints. I say ‘hints’ with disappointment. I wanted to be hit in the mouth with an oaky baseball bat. Follow up flavors had smoky, toasty, caramel malt notes, with lengthy and lingering bitter, hoppy finish.”

Stone Brewing, Pale Ale

"A finish that is smooth but full of rich classic barley and hop flavors. This is the gateway beer to wean [people] away from that colored water into the land of *real* beer. This won’t frighten – or crush – the palate with giant hops and IBUs or complex strange flavors.”


Stone Brewery, Ruination IPA *

“There is definite hoppiness and bitterness, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly overpowering. The flavor does stick around for a while; coating your mouth, and lingering for minutes afterwards.”

Stone Brewery, Ruination 10th Anniversary IPA ***

“First sip and...oh. It's good. It's really, really good. Hoppy, but really well balanced with a nice, full, lingering bitter finish. It has that sweet, pine finish that I just *love* in an IPA and it delivers this in trumped spades.” NOTE: Currently holds the title of "Best Beer I've Ever Had."

Stone Brewing, 16th Anniversary IPA

"I get that dank flavor with some rye spice and then a long, strong bitter where you get a real hint of lemon peel. Honestly, I’m liking this IPA more than I expected, but mainly because it got so beat up in some reviews."


Stoned Brewery, Smoked Porter w/ Chipotle Peppers

“Smoke is definitely the prominent note, and you almost want to lean your head back and exhale a thing wisp of smoky vapor towards the ceiling. It's the linger on your tongue where the peppery finish becomes apparent.”

Stone Brewery, Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean *

“There's a faint finish of dark coffee but it is tempered with the creamy vanilla sweetness. The aroma is quite wonderful, and this beer would be a terrific pairing with a soufflé with Anglais sauce.”

Stone Brewery, Sublimely Self Righteous Ale

“Nice hoppy, piney scent but with an almost slightly burnt or singed quality underneath. Nice engaging mouthful of carbonation, a pop of alcohol sweetness, and then a hoppy finish, with subtle, smooth lingering bitterness and that touch of burnt and smoky from the initial notes.”

Stone Brewery, Vertical Epic Ale 12.12.12

"The head produces a beautiful cascade a la Guinness and really looks inviting in the glass.This beer has some flavors of a porter and others of a Belgian with the spices of a seasonal. The spiciness and sweetness come in a quick flash that is then balanced and washed over by the bitter porter finish giving it an interesting twist."


Stoudts, Double IPA

“Whiffs of malt and floral and a bit of sweetness. Creamy, mouth feel, with mild carbonation and a bit of tingle on the tip of the tongue.  No real flavors, just bits of malt, some caramel and some bitterness.“

Terrapin Beer Company, Big Hoppy Monster

“Odors of pine, caramel, smokey malt and sweetness that usually accompanies the high alcohol content. Big, bold flavor, leaning towards being more of a stout than an IPA.”

Terrapin Brewing, Hopsecutioner IPA *

“Wonderful pine and hop smells with underlying notes of malt and maybe just a bit of citrus… Nice immediate tingle of bitterness on the tongue, with surrounding carbonation, followed by a good, lingering bitter, hoppy finish.”

Terrapin Brewing, Hopzilla Double IPA *

"First thing I notice is a big wave of alcohol sweetness, but before this becomes too overwhelming, the rest of the flavors kick in to balance it out, with the hop bitters literally coming in to quench the sweetness."

Terrapin Brewing, Monk's Revenge Belgian Style IPA

"Smell is rich and intense with gummy, banana, and sweet fruit odors. Smells like a classic, juicy Belgian and explodes in big fruity, juicy flavors."

Unibroue, Don De Dieu

“Notes of sweetness and banana and spice, that give way to lingering finish of wheat and malt. This is probably my favorite of the Unibroue, as it is less sweet and fruit and spicy and has a more pleasing flavor-finish.”

Unibroue, La Fin du Monde

“Wonderful, rich nose of fruit, spice, orange zest and peel, banana, and honey. The flavor is quite sweet, like I imagine a mead or something would taste.”

Unibroue, Maudite

“A luxurious, creamy texture in the mouth, with just a light dance of carbonation on the tongue.  The beer has lots of spice notes, and flavors that remind me of Angostura Bitters.”

Unibroue, Trois Pistoles Abbey Style Strong Dark Ale

“The nose has a bit of malt and spice, with kind of figgy/jammy notes. Usually beers this dark have strong, smokey notes of chocolate and coffee, but I’m not getting any of them either on the nose or the palate.”

Victory Brewing, Golden Monkey Victory Tripel *

“Very strong notes of banana, honey, bubblegum, and spice in the glass. Has a juicy sweet flavor with tastes of coriander spice and banana.”

Victory Brewing, Hop Wallop **

“Wonderful pine-hop flavors and the right amount of bitterness.  Disguises it’s high alcohol content well. A wonderful beer”

Victory Brewing, HopDevil

“Flavor was surprisingly and disappointingly flat, and not from lack of carbonation. Just some bitter hop notes at the finish on the back of the tongue, but no real standout initial or top flavors.”

Victory Brewing, Storm King Imperial Stout

“Nice smell of hops with distant pine and underneath a note of toasted coffee. Good mouth zing of carbonation, and tingle on the tongue followed by some really interesting hop and espresso flavors.”


Weyerbacher, Double Simcoe IPA (take 1)

“Has a slightly sweet nose, but with no real distinct component that jumped out at me. The bitterness abated as the beer warmed up a bit in the glass,

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Reply pmadsen
4:48 AM on August 22, 2012 
You need the Pintly app or your phone
Reply pmadsen
1:30 PM on August 22, 2012 
pmadsen says...
You need the Pintly app or your phone

I meant to say you need the Pintly app FOR your phone. All the guys here at work use it for the weekly Thursday afternoon beer club meeting. Great way to track what you have had and how you felt about it.