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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

Keely Pwns the Internet: Vol 1

Posted on August 27, 2012 at 3:55 PM

My sister-in-law, Keely, is the master of all things pop culture and Internets related. There is never anything that I’ve seen/shared in which she hasn’t already seen it, seen the parody of it, and then seen other things even better than it.

I previously wrote this about Keely: "One of the real benefits of living in a home with no cable TV -- like my sister-in-law, Keely -- is that you have a lot of extra time for other things. Sure these could be things like gathering together around the fire, roasting chestnuts and telling stories of pioneer times, or reading all those free books available on Kindle, or pausing to reflect on life's deeper mysteries and searching for personal discovery, or journaling, or making every night family game night, or crafting perfect scale, dead-mouse dioramas, etc. The possibilities are really endless. Or, you can use your computer to find TV shows on the Internet and scour the YouTubes for the latest bit of viral awesomeness."


It was Keely who turned me on to Antoine Dodson.

It was Keely who knew about People of Walmart.

So now whenever I discover something funny, I try and beat Keely to the punch with it. And I always fail.

A couple of weeks ago I sent her this email:

“Have you seen this? I ask that knowing FULL WELL that you've seen every Internet... And true or life would be immeasurably better in Autotune?"

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She responded with (the totally expected), “Of course I’ve seen the Dayum Review Remix! :) Have you seen his other reviews?  I like his flow.”

So, out of the feelings of "if you can't beat her, co-opt her!" an idea was born. I whipped out my phone and fired off a text:

“You’ve got your hands wrapped around the neck of popular culture. You always know the most hilarious Interwebs well before I do. What if you did a once a month blog on the best stuff on You Tube and other stuff you discover? You wouldn’t even have to write much. Just send me the links and then put a little blurb for each one and I’ll do the rest! Or, you could write up stuff if you wanted. It could be on going and hilarious. What say you?”

Keely say, “Yes!” (Then I told her that it paid nothing. And she still say, “yes” though with a little less conviction.)

Her first bit of Internettery is from the Olympics, an Irish sailing commentary. (Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video, so here’s the link...)

Here’s the next bit of digital ear worm from Keely. Reminds me of something from Moby, except with hilarious thrown in for good measure.

Keely says, “Sweet Brown ain’t got time for dat, but you best make time dis!  The latest auto-tuned remixed news story sensation is on fire, as in, ‘Oh Lord Jesus it’s a faar!’  Sweet Brown is snatchin’ YouTube hits up like Antoine Dodson’s antagonist is snatchin yo’ people up.  Don’t grab no shoes or nuttin’, but get yourself a cold pop and some barbeque and settle in for this show.  You’ll be singing along! You will LOVE Sweet Brown and so will your followers!  Start placing your bets on which line's will become the next meme.”


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Categories: August 2012, Guest Blog, Bizarre

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