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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

Blockbuster: I come to bury not praise

Posted on March 1, 2010 at 3:00 PM

Oh, Blockbuster.... Do you remember that time like 10 years ago when I came in at 9 o'clock at night to rent a movie? And when I got up to the counter with my movie that said "2-day rental" and your counter girl said that it was due back the next day by 5 PM? And I said that wasn't even 24 hours, let alone 2-days and the girl just shrugged. And I threw the movie down in disgust and said "I will NEVER come here again!"? Do you remember any of that?

Or the time when you got sued for your frickin' exorbitant late fees? Generating more income in late fees than from the actual rentals themselves?

Or how you put all the great local movie rental places out of business? The places that actually cared about movies and would take the time to make a personal recommendation? (I'm talking about you Laser Faire, in Danville, California!) And instead you replaced them with soul-less, blue shirted automatoms that might as well have been renting bags of manure for all they cared?

Oh, I remember. I remember well. So I have no sadness in my heart today when I read about your current woes over at MSN. About how you lost $435 million this past quarter, worse than your $359.8 million loss a year ago. Or how your revenue fell 35 cents per share. And how you now have to close 500 stores. I feel for your employees who are losing their jobs, but hopefully they can get a job at Redbox or Netflix or one of the video rental chains that will (hopefully) spring up in the wasteland you leave behind.

Categories: Rants, Movies, Mar 2010

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Reply miahrrhea
3:59 PM on March 18, 2010 
"And that's all I have ta say 'bout tha-at"

I am in full agreement with you on this! Actually I am pleased to see that we have the Netflix option, and I am loving the fact that I can go down to my local Rite-Aid and purchase a movie for $1 dallah any time of the day. The only thing that pisses Miahrrea off is that i didn't think of it first. My goal now is to try and think of a product that I can vend out of a machine...ideas? I'll even consider 60-40%.
Reply Rob Medich
5:51 PM on March 18, 2010 
My feelings on this post, "Rob Spouts," can be rented on DVD at any Blockbuster.