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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

Five Bits of DIY Awesomeness

Posted on July 16, 2013 at 12:00 AM

If your name is Cashworth Von Moneybottoms, there’s a ton of cool stuff you can do at your house just by whipping out your Centurion Card and flinging money at people like a feces hurling primate.

Want to recreate the 18th green at Augusta so you can practice your own, “UNBELIEVABLE! HE ROLLED IT IN TO CLAIM HIS FIFTH GREEN JACKET!” moment? Done. Want to dig a massive swimming pool in your back yard and then turn it into a chocolate fondue pit so decadent that even Willy Wonka and Caligula would applaud? Easy. Or how about building a full-scale replica of the deck of the USS Enterprise for the sole purpose of inviting that Trek loving dork that you don’t like over and making him watch while you totally destroy the room while wearing a Vader suit and declaring, “You underestimated the power of the Dark Side!”

Awesome right?

But that stuff takes cash, son. And lots of it. But just because you don’t have a bottomless credit limit or bricks of bullion buried in the back yard doesn’t mean that you need to be living in a soulless, technology-free District of Panem. It’s the 21st Century; embrace the awesome of things you can do on your own!

As a custom installer, I help bring awesome into people’s lives on the daily. Imagine if a unicorn had sex with a rainbow. That kinda awesome. But not all of the technology that I install for people requires the special skillset that I’ve acquired over the past 15 years or a pen filled with enough ink to write all the zeroes. In fact, some of the coolest tech is very DIY and doesn’t cost that must.

Want to impress your family and beer swilling friends*? Check out these five bits of DIY awesomeness that can, nay WILL enhance your life.

Jedi-Like Control

At some point, having your electronics out on display became the decorating equivalent of letting an elephant take a dump in your living room. Heaven forbid that a guest comes over and discovers that you actually watch TV using a cable or satellite set-top-box! That would be the social faux pas equivalent of sticking your fingers in their mouth and then laughing about the fact that you have leprosy.

Everyone wants to hide their electronics away behind closed cabinetry or in a closet in another room. (And by “everyone” I mean any females that live with you.) But once that unpleasantness has been hidden away, how are you going to control it? (I am going to assume that you aren’t, in fact, a Jedi.) There are two ways to do it, both of which will raise your tech-cred in the eyes of all stepping foot into your abode.

Please continue reading the awesomeness at Digital Trends. Each click keeps the zombies at bay for at least one more day!

(* Want to really impress your beer swilling friends? Pick up some Stone Brewing Co. “RuinTen” Double IPA. I’ve reviewed nearly 200 beers and this is the best I’ve ever had.)

Categories: July 2013, Electronics