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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

NORTON! Pow! Straight to the kisser!

Posted on June 17, 2010 at 2:13 PM

After my computer’s little virus meltdown, hard drive tear down/rebuild a few months ago, I have been playing with different anti-virus software. The goal is to find something robust enough to keep all of the SAVE NOW!!! CLICK HERE!!! coupon blog viruses away and yet allow me (I say “me” I mean “Dana”) to actually use the computer. I’ve tried AVG and SpyBot and others, but after the big reboot, I reinstalled Norton. To be honest, the only reason I did was because it popped up with this bright flashing yellow box that said FREE 90 DAY TRIAL! So, you know, free.


Well, I’ve had my fill of Mr. Norton and his free trials. Since installing it, I can no longer share my music or photos across the network or any of the devices I routinely test. And even worse, almost every time I turn on the computer a box pops up to say “Such and such wants to access the Internet? Allow?” And even though I click ALWAYS ALLOW (I’m not sure what the program is, but I fear the one time I saw BLOCK that will essentially transform the computer into a giant piece of non-functional desk art) it will ask me about it again just moments later. And then again after that. And after stripping it down to a lean-mean-working machine, the computer is once again chugging along like I pulled out the Pentium processor and replaced it with a steam engine. 




So, at the prompting of a self-proclaimed IT geek who declares he NEVER runs any anti-virus software, I decided to ditch all these chumps and install Microsoft’s new-ish Security Essentials. (Also his suggestion. This one apparently does a decent job of it. And I likey the pricey. Free.) According to geek (whose name is actually Ron) , this does a really good job of keep the bad stuff out, yet is transparent enough to let you actually USE your computer without constant double and triple checks and bogging it down so slowly that you might actually think that the antivirus software IS in fact the actual virus. (I feel that I must point out at this point that I do not need ANY comments from the hoity-toity Mac crowd. This means you Dan and you PR Buddha! We all know that Macs are cooler and virtually immune to viruses and run on rainbows and fairy dust, blah, blah. I need a PC, OK? This is a PC world and I’m not buying a copy of Windows ON TOP of the extra expensive Mac AND a copy of Boot Camp. Not…gonna….do it!)


Anyhow… So, I got up a bit earlier this morning and dived right into the Add/Remove Program list. AVG: Gone! SpyBot: Searched and destroyed! SpyCatcher: Don’t know who you are, but see you in hell! eTrust: No longer trust you! Norton….Norton…NORTON!!! Why won't you REMOVE!  Over an HOUR spent trying to uninstall. First “Are you sure you want to do this?” OK, Norton. It has taken me like some serious hunting around and 10 mouse clicks to find the screen to THEN click that I want to delete you, so by this point, yah, I’m pretty sure. Then halfway into the apparent removal it popped up a window saying I didn’t have the administrative rights to remove the program. Retry, same thing. Abort. Retry, same thing. Restart and suddenly, finally, I was free! Norton was gone! (At least I think. There seem to still be a few resistant folders lurking around.)


So, I downloaded Windows Security Essentials, updated it and ran it and it immediately says I have a SEVERE THREAT replicating worm virus. It then says it removed it. So, we’ll see. I’m just taking this as another sign that I need an iPad.

Categories: June 2010, Computers

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Reply PR Buddha
3:03 PM on June 17, 2010 
The force is strong within his one...Come to the dark side...we have cookies.
Reply Indypayne
11:12 AM on June 18, 2010 
Check out Revo Uninstaller, a free utility that does a great job of getting rid of all pieces of the application, including leftover files/folders and Registry entries. (Disclaimer, no association with Revo other than satisfied customer).

Also, you know you should NEVER run multiple anti-virus applications at the same time, right? Sounds like you were uninstalling several at once.
Reply John Sciacca
12:08 PM on June 18, 2010 
PR Buddha says...
The force is strong with this one...Come to the dark side...we have cookies.

Cookies? Sweet, sweet cookies?
But wait...I'm trying to be more healthy...
SHUT UP! The grown-ups are talking!
Reply John Sciacca
12:09 PM on June 18, 2010 
Indypayne says...
Also, you know you should NEVER run multiple anti-virus applications at the same time, right? Sounds like you were uninstalling several at once.

Was only running (I think) Norton, but these were remnants from past/failed attempts. Any idea why EVERY time I run a scan with the M'soft version I get the same 4 SEVERE THREAT warnings? Never had these problems with a typewriter...
Reply Brandon Penaranda
6:17 AM on January 13, 2011 
The OS makes a big difference to. Ive been using Windows 7 64 bit with Microsoft Essentials and my system runs smooth as silk. It's also important to clean your C drive of any unwanted clutter such as cookies, temp files and file fragments. Try googling Ccleaner from Piriform. I've been using Ccleaner for a while now and it seems to help my system smoother. Hope this helps.
Reply norton antivirus for mac
2:16 AM on May 22, 2012 
The main function

NortonInternetWormProtection will stop some destructive Internet worm, make its attempt to cannot succeed invasion.

QuickScan tool can download new in the virus protection renewal after, automatic search and kill in addition to the virus.

Enhance function!