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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

Confession: Good for the soul, not the handbag

Posted on August 31, 2010 at 4:19 PM

I’m a little tapped out right now. First the whole they-who-shall-not-be-named saga, which, quite frankly really took a bit out of me emotionally. I actually had to get up twice last night and take Ny-Quill. Except it was Day-Quill, which tastes quite a bit more tolerable. And does little to actually to help you sleep. And was really for a nagging cough. But still, I had to get up. Also, I’m still trying to weigh the extent of the possible fall-out. I’m concerned that perhaps I’ve burned some credit with the rep firm, which I hope isn’t the case. I realize that I put them in an awkward position, but when it comes down to it, I was playing what I felt was the best hand to protect my business interests, and I could either let the PR firm know about my intent or not. I felt like ultimately they would rather know than have this potential bit of nastiness out there waiting to blindside them. I certainly hold no ill-will towards them. At the end, we all did our jobs; me, trying to do the best for Custom Theater, the rep trying to help a situation with his client, and the speaker company choosing who they wanted to do business with going forward. Second, we are rather swamped now at Custom Theater. Busy is a good thing, but multiple projects all coming to a crescendo at the same time – what the heck is it with people and Labor Day? With the fervor that people are trying to get their projects done before Labor Day, you’d think that 2012 was imminent – is a stressful bit. Plus, I’m under three separate deadlines for reviews and my column, which, let’s be honest, I should probably *really* be working on right now. So...lots on the plate.


So I thought I’d reach into the memory vault for something a tad more light-hearted. Years ago, I attended my first CES. This was really my first major event where I was attending as an “official” press correspondent. I proudly wore my Sound & Vision (it was an “&” back then opposed to the hipper “+” of today) badge like an All Access pass. Grabbing up free drinks at open bars, badge-flashing my way into private events, grabbing swag bags, all that groovy old press stuff from the roaring 2000’s. This was back when being in the press actually meant something. And being with Sound & Vision was like being with Rolling Stone, because our subscription levels rocked all the rocks. (Today, groups are so eager to pump up their press attendance figures that they’ll let nearly any blogger with a laptop and a Web connection in and gladly hand them a press credential. There is a particular individual named Joe A from Columbia that started a blog called Joe A/ or some such nonsense. He then copied-and-pasted in some absolute crap of a story from somewhere else, called himself the editor, and voila! He’s now a journalist! Huzzah! And now he shows up in the press room and the press events wearing these ridiculous shorts and sandals with socks. Because, being in the press corps seems to have adopted the once-saved-always-saved mentality of many religions. Because once you’ve received the blessing of being in the press, simply register to events as “returning press” and you’re in! Even if you haven’t written anything in years! Isn’t that just the frickin’ greatest! )


Wow... Forgot we were keeping this light. Sorry. So, this is my first CES. I’m there in the warm, golden sunshine of Press VIP-ness. And I’m attending the Sony event. Which is pa-HACKED. So I’m balancing a small plate of hors d'oeuvres, my backpack crammed with literature (you know, this was the good old days with paper lit, not these tiny little USB sticks you whipper-snappers use today) with notepad and camera and a full glass of Coke fighting the mob to get to a seat. (The Coke will be playing an important role in our drama.) So I find an open seat and I sit down. And start getting all situated. Backpack on floor, plate balanced on one knee, Coke sitting under chair. So I’m readying for the event and notice that the person next to me is... Rebecca Day! Wow! I actually knew who this person is! I’ve read her stuff in Popular Mechanics. Here I was sitting next to a real-deal, bona fide journalist! Wow! I'd really made it! And that’s when I turned my foot. And knocked my full glass of Coke over. Straight into Rebecca's handbag. At which point that glass of Coke was dead to me. Disavowed Mission: Impossible style. I spent the rest of the press event looking straight ahead, and turned my once badge of honor now potentially badge of shame around to hide my name. And when I got up and left and heard her say, “Uh! What the?!” I didn’t turn back.

I'm sorry, Rebecca! But, ahhhh! It feels good to finally get that off my chest. Share a Coke at CEDIA?

Categories: August 2010

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