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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

And got Auto Tuned

Posted on November 4, 2010 at 12:19 PM

Sometimes SNL is lame. An hour-and-a-half of jokes drenched in weak sauce and embarrassment just proving that just because someone is a famous actor, singer, sports star, random reality show celebrity or whatever that they can't do live TV. And they can't be funny. And when it's bad, it's painful bad.

But then, other times, when SNL is good. And when it's good, SNL is frickin' brilliant! This last week with Jon Hamm, was one of those shows. Hamm was on a year ago and blessed our generation with the treasure that is Hamm and Buble, plus a great Digital Short (which has long ago become my favorite part of the whole SNL episode) where he played....Sergio!

This past Saturday, Hamm was back and with musical guest Rihanna. Now, I'm not a giant Rihanna fan, but I AM a giant Shy Ronnie fan. And when they hit us with a follow-up Digital Short I pushed my entertainment chips in...ALL in! In case you missed the original, here is a link to their first Short together. (Bizarrely filmed backwards to ward off some copyright infringement. It doesn't stop it from being any less !suoiralih)

Hit 'em, Shy Ronnie!

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So, this past week, we got the sequel, Ronnie and Clyde. It's a stick-up, stick-up. Raise yo' hands or you gonna get lit-up, lit-up... Oh no! Boner alert! Say it, Ronnie!

Updated 12/7 - Grrr.....YouTube pulled the clip! Head over to Hulu where the quality is better anyhow....

Here's the link to see Ronnie & Clyde...

Then SNL kept the great times rolling with a new skit, "I didn't ask for this!" that could very well prove to be one of the funniest things they'll do this season, and a skit that has the promise of lots of awesome recurring episodes as they data mine the YouTubes for more real people doing unreal things.

My name is Mark Sharon, not Best Cry Ever!

Updated 12/7 - Grrr Part 2.....YouTube pulled this clip also! Bastards! Head over to Hulu where the quality is also better anyhow....

Here's the link to I Didn't Ask For This...

What I didn't realize is that Hamm's skit was a parody of the REAL best cry ever, a guy from a A & E reality show called "Intervention." Now that you've seen Jon Hamm, raise the funny to the next level and watch this...

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And got Auto Tuned... To the Serious Cam!

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Categories: November 2010, TV

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1 Comment

Reply Open your eyes
12:46 PM on June 13, 2012 
Exactly why and how did you assume that the reason the video is posted backwards on YouTube is because the uploader wanted to ward off of possible copyright infringement? Are you stupid? Did you not look at the comments posted on the video, its called backmasking and the person posting the comments was smart enough to figure out what the backmasking is actually saying. I'm afraid your are truly blind to the true meaning of this song by Shy Ronnie and Rhianna. I hope you open your eyes to spirituality and realise this song is a mere tool of the music industry. It is truly sad how you can so easily make these assumptions with no evidence whatsoever. If somebody wanted to post the video and not have to worry about breaking the law, then all he would have to do is add some personal comments about the video. PLEASE SEARCH WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE MUSIC INDUSTRY AND THE USE OF SUBLIMINALS AND BACKMAKSING.