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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

Battle: Text Color!

Posted on November 4, 2010 at 4:06 PM

Some people... OK. It's one person. OK, it's Kim Lancaster from Caster Communications.

So, Kim Lancaster has suggested repeatedly, time-and-time again that my site is too difficult to read. Now, granted Kim is old and infirm and barely able to get out of a non-motorized lifting chair (I kid...Kim is young and spry and able to bound out of most chairs, or at least have her well-automated home do something for her) and has eyes that have been worn down and withered from years of reading fine, oh-so fine PR typeprint and red lining the craziness that her clients send out, hopefully actually BEFORE they send it out. So, Kim says that she just can't read my blog because A)  the electric teal green on black background is too tough on her eyes and B) the font is too small and that the result is an instant headache. Much like trying to watch a 3D TV. (A non-Runco 3D TV, that is. Because their ReadD licensed 3D projector is like pouring a soothing balm of no-more-tears into your eyes.)

Since I want to appeal to all readers at all times -- even a single reader who seems to have SO many other things to do, even when my things are talking about her things/clients --  I thought I'd pose it to the masses. (The five of you that regularly check daily. France Gary, Russound Josephine, Glasseser Kirsten, the CEDIA guy from Indiana, DBL Brian... And, PS, thanks guys! Love the support! Each log-in is like a digital hug, each comment an even longer and less awkward hug with that extra squeeze that leaves you wondering what that meant. But in a good way.) Is the electric teal too hard on the eyes?

Here is a new sample paragraph in oh-so white. I can change it to that pretty easy. What I don't think I can do is change the black background. I'm pretty sure that is a wholesale change thing that, well, I just don't have the Web chops to handle. Plus, I'd probably just end up deleting the whole site, and I don't know that my vodka supply could get me through such a catastrophic event.

Here is a sample in super-combo white and now embiggened to the EXTREME!

So, let me know. White or Teal. Or suggest some other color. Perhaps a soothing Lady Phone friendly pink. The hopes and dreams of Kim's eyes are resting on all of your comments...

Categories: November 2010

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Reply Kimberly Lancaster
4:28 PM on November 4, 2010 
Love the white. Love the even bigger white. Just realized I find the gray on gray comment text hard to read even when it is my own. And I used ot be spry, now I am just old.
Reply Brady
12:27 AM on November 5, 2010 
Can the background just be white? How about black text on a white background?
Reply indypayne
8:00 AM on November 5, 2010 
The white text is much better. "Embiggened" is nice, too. I'm not sure it's the font size as much as a little more space between sentences (about/below) would help. Not one of the 4 listed, but do read this daily! And Kim is correct, it's very difficult to type in the comment section. Oh, maybe that's the point! :)
Reply Jack Wrigley
1:02 PM on November 5, 2010 
I'm with Kim. Love the look...just not the font color. :) But I have typically overlooked it simply because the prose is always exceptionally compelling and so well written. ;)
Reply John Sciacca
3:18 PM on November 5, 2010 
OK. The masses have spoken. I will switch to white. And BIGGER! Huzzah!

Brady, I don't think I can change the black background; I think that is part of the DNA of the site's layout that I'm not able to change.

I hope that all of our eyes can rest easier now. And now, no excuses for not reading!
Reply Bethany Fulghum
8:45 PM on November 6, 2010 
Oh man, I'm gonna miss the green on black- it reminds me of Star Wars for some reason. And personally I thought the white was too bright/glaring...I did however find the Lady Phone pink rather eye soothing but definatly would be innapropriate for your manly techy site :)