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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

Best Of: Volume 3 - The April '10 Years

Posted on November 9, 2010 at 3:09 PM

Here’s another round of previous e-blast mails sent to my members. If YOU want to be included in the e-blasting – which is quite a bit less painful than it sounds – join up! It just takes a second and membership is still free while supplies last! Like to see if I can get up to 100 before the end of the year...


These messages are from April 9 and April 26 when I had catapulted to 51 members. Links to some of the “best of” posts can be found below. Enjoy!


Also, in a bid for moderation, I’ve decided to go back to the teal green, BUT to increase the font size. Editing the text in white is very difficult and an extra step. So, here’s to us all meeting for drinks in the middle. Sorry, Kim! (tongue-sticking-out icon here...)


(April 9)

Thought I would share some of the highlights with you, my loyal fans and followers. First, this week saw the membership ranks "swell" to 41. But beyond you most loyal of readers, I had a TON of worldwide traffic.


Pete Pachal over at Dvice picked up my “3D TV for Dummies” story -- try Googling that and see what happens :-) -- then another Website called “Wonderhowto” picked up *that* story. The result was my first day with 100+ visitors. Followed by my second, third and fourth! So, this little hobby is starting to get a lot of traction! I have a wonderful JPEG showing the flags of all the countries that visited my site over the past week, but I can’t insert it into this message. (John note: I CAN insert it into THIS message however...) The list is long and distinguished, like Slider’s Johnson. (That’s a Top Gun reference.) And here it is:


Next big batch of traffic came from a post I wrote about Kaleidescape, entitled "I love you, but..." This actually prompted a conference call with the company's CEO. *Very* cool to think that serious people are out there reading and responding. Unfortunately, I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement forbidding me from relating much of the discussion, but interesting things are definitely ahead for that company. (I've been getting loads of traffic from the Kaleidescape Owners forum...)


Ended the week with a very personal story about what I consider one of my greatest accomplishments, or How Golf Made Me a Better Man. Hope you’ll all read it and enjoy and -- as always -- I welcome the comments.


Many thanks again.


Join me, and together we'll rule the galaxy!


(April 26)

Busy, BUSY last couple of weeks for the Site. Let's get into it, shall we?


First, I reached 50 members. (#50 was Ronnie, an industry insider from England!) So, now that I have a respectable membership roster, I’ve decided to open up a Member’s Section on the site (the link is in the top between Photos and About Me). Here you can see all the other like-minded people, trade messages, conspire to overthrow small countries, etc.


Also, the member tab opens up an Invite option off to the right, and here is the challenge for max PR-ing: Who can bring in the most new members? I’m at 50, I’d like to get to 100. (John note: Not much has changed since April as you can see, though I am way closer with a current membership roster of 89... PR Buddha totally won this brining in, I believe, 3 people.)


Some good posts recently if you haven’t been keeping up. First, an EXCELLENT bit of info from my Navy SEAL cousin, Chris on what a silenced weapon REALLY sounds like (inspired by more 24 madness):

(John note: This post continues to be one of my most searched. People all over the world, but especially in Europe, regularly Google “sound of a silenced weapon” and then find me.)


An update to the Top 10 films list with a 10 worst movies ever

An unexpected  movie trivia showdown with a deli counter worker at a grocery store, Oh, it's on. It is SO on!


Also new is a suggestion for what homeless people should write on their signs


A whine about wanting my own, personal F9 button for life


Some photos from my great trip down to see Runco in Florida

The incredible warning that came with Samsung’s 3D about hating old people, babies and drunks


Why my home theater is OH so much better than my swimming pool (and add another leak and broken pump to this list!)

A customer that I think might *seriously* have been touched in the head. And not like “touched by an Angel” touched. Like thumped in the brain with a hammer touched.


My first encounter with Mr. Cooper and his cable upgrade craziness

(John note: No joke...he ordered ANOTHER $999 power cable TODAY! With "I gots ta have it!" overnight shipping!)

Lastly, filed under “spread the love,” one of my most loyal readers is Gary from Paris. Gary has started his own blog with the terrific concept of things to do in Paris for free. I’m cheap and Dana has always wanted to visit Paris, so this is especially up my alley. I know how every hit is like another marshmallow in a warm cup of cocoa on a rainy day, so I’d invite you to check out Gary’s site here:

(Gary seems to have lost his steam a bit, but if he gets some new hits, maybe he’ll be infused with re-bloggery!)

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