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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

Greetings from Seat 5B, CES 2013 Bound!

Posted on January 6, 2013 at 1:20 PM

Thanks to the largesse of the folks at GoGo In-Flight WiFi, I am coming to you live – well, live as I type this, highly unlikely to be still live as you are reading it – for the first time ever from 30,000 feet from my US Air flight to Las Vegas for the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show! Huzzah!

Unthanks to the umm, whatever is the polar opposite of largesse, folks at US Air for lumping me into seat 5B, the most unfriendliest of seats for the vertically challenged. I am wedged in a middle seat starring at a bulkhead with the tantalizing glimpse at the beautiful people up in First Class through the totally flimsy and see-through and “don’t you wish you were us?” curtain. (I think I just caught a glimpse of Gordon Ramsey going through preparing made-to-order meals of beautifully cooked Wellingtons and pefectly seared scallops for each of them, and now a representative from Chateau Lafite Rothschild is conducting a series of estate tastings. Meanwhile I’m eating an orange and yogurt cobbled from the US Air Lounge in Charlotte.. Sigh...) Apparently there is some rule that if you use your hard earned miles to buy a rewards ticket then you are ineligible for a First Class upgrade no matter how much you may be actually deserving of such luxurious big seat treatment…

It is currently a three-way battle to see what will happen first: We will arrive in Vegas, my laptop battery will die or both o my thighs will revolt in a simultaneous, double deep tissue cramp the likes of which I doubt Seat 5B has ever had the audacity to witness.

As the show is an all-consuming, soul-suck of time and general will to live, it is unlikely that there will be any real posts on the blog this week…

Of course, if you aren’t making it out to CES this year, you can still feel like part of the action by following all of my writing/blogging/tweeting/YouTube-ing action. Check out Residential Systems for my (hopefully) daily blog recaps of the day’s fun and big news and follow-me at @SciaccaTweets for micro-blog updates throughout the day.  I’d give you my YouTube channel link but apparently the YouTube is off-limits while GoGo-ing… Something tells me if you go to YouTube and search “John Sciacca” you’ll stumble on it…

So, with that I am here…Place your bets: Arrival, Battery, Deep Thigh Cramp...


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Categories: January 2013, CES/CEDIA

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