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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

Hey, Boston! You lookin' for a less sucky time?

Posted on July 17, 2010 at 12:11 PM

Got an e-mail this morning with the subject "Weinberg Reprint Request" which seemed innocent enough. Like that probably wasn't going to be the kind of subject that you'd throw on a Penis Enlargement or Canadian Pharmacological offer or an offer to move millions of dollars out of Nigeria.

So I opened it up and found that the editor of "The B A S Speaker" (a publication of the Boston Audio Society) dug one of my stories and wants to feature it ("pick it up" using the hip, meta Web parlance) in his publication. Now, I realize that "Boston Audio Society" is no Gizmodo -- those bitches are tough to impress! -- but it certainly sounds far more regal and official. I'm now thinking that maybe I should add a title to my name like esquire or emeritus or maximus.

Here's the message chain below.

Hi Dave, 

Thanks for your interest in John’s excellent post about 3D. (And you wonder why I love Jeremy. You know, in that John Mayer kind of hetero-bro way.) We’re happy to offer a credited “share” of the article with your publication. FYI, the original post appeared here. I’ve also attached the original file. 


Jeremy Glowacki 

Editorial Director 

Residential Systems 



David Weinberg of the Boston Audio Society would like to rerun the Making 3D less sucky. His request is below. Do you mind reaching out to him? 


Dave Pedigo 

CEDIA Senior Director of Technology 



 I am Editor of "The B A S Speaker" (publication of the Boston  Audio Society)

As we just discussed, I request reprint permission forJohn Sciacca's  "Making 3D Movies Less Sucky," which I saw on, and originally from "Residential Systems.” With 3D garnering so much attention, John's irreverent (I'll be honest, at first I thought this said "irrelevant" and I was kind of pissed, like who the eff do you think you are, Dave, to say that my story was irrelevant?! But then I read it again and decided that, yes, I am irreverant and I put the safety back on the Ass Switch.) but accurate point ofview should be seen by my readers.  (Really, Dave, my story should be seen by everyone. Let's not put a harness on it by limiting it to just the BAS readers... But I like your chutzpah, and we've got to start somewhere, right!)  As always, I will credit John Sciacca as the author, and both Residential Systems and CEDIA Crosspoint for first publication. 

I will ensure that John, Jeremy Glowacki and you receive a .pdf of the  issue in which the reprint appears. 

Thank you for considering my request. 

David J. Weinberg 

Editor, "The B A S Speaker" 

publication of the Boston Audio Society 

Categories: July 2010

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