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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

Me. Expert.

Posted on October 2, 2010 at 2:41 PM

Back when Sound + Vision's Website was really rolling along (putting up cool new content, paying people like myself, Brent Butterworth and Leslie Shapiro and others to write original posts, and exclusive Web reviews, etc.) the person in charge of the site was a fella by the name of Rob Medich.

Well, magazine buy-outs and industry shake-ups being what they are, there came a time a whiile ago when Rob was no longer in charge of the S+V site, but he moseyed on over to Gillette where he manages some sites for them. One of these sites is Men's Life Today and they happen to run an "Ask the expert" section where various hypothetical questions are posed and then some "Expert" answers them. Now usually the questions are highly douchey and very shaving in nature. (Gillette is, you'll recall, the best a man can get. Rob, I said it, now wire me that plug money we talked about...) Things like "How do I get rid of the piles of hair after I shave my gross and disgusting body?" or "What is the proper pre-shave routine for shaving my gents?" or "When I travel, some areas have hard water and some soft water; what kind of a puss am I to be asking this question and how it relates to my shaving habits?" or "Did that big black dude in The Predator realize that by shaving his face dry in the jungle he just was begging for a world filled with red bumpies and ingrowns?"

Sometimes the questions veer away ever so briefly from the topics of manscaping and "I like to listen to Justin Bieber while I'm taking a warm bath. How gay does that make me?" to something actually techie in nature. And when those days come, Rob turns to me, his Expert. (I make him call me that. It has a prison hierarchy thing where it makes me feel like I get to sit up on a higher row of stone steps. I'll avoid a "Rob, I've got another pocket right here..." comment. Oh. Wait. There it was.)

So, click this link to read my Expert answer on the question: I love to blast my tunes. How do I soundproof my space so I don't get complaints from others?

PS: I'd be much obliged if from now on all of you would refer to me exclusively as "Sciacca, the Expert." Thanks.

Categories: October 2010

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